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PE «Inflot-Danubius Agency»

Dredging operations,
Engineering and building of hydrotechnikal constructions

  PE "Inflot-Danubius Agency" offers its services in dredging, project engineering and hydraulic structures construction, both in Ukraine and abroad. The enterprise was established in 2009 and since the first days of establishment it has applied the development strategy to provide full qualitative service to our customers by own employees who have got rich operational experience including obtained one in the state dredging companies.

  The enterprise obtained all necessary permits and licenses for dredging, construction and design activities.

By means of dredging caravans being in the company management both in Ukraine and abroad our enterprise is able to perform the following types of work:

  • Development of the new depths on approach channels, ports and shipyards water areas;
  • Maintenance of previously existing depths on canals, water areas for shipping purposes (repair scoop);
  • Construction of the navigable canals and water areas;
  • Works performed on the existing canals and water areas intended to remove soil with simultaneous increase in overall dimensions of the track in width and depth;
  • Execution of refurnishing works for to make territory alluvium.

The enterprise performed the following works:

  1. Dredging of the approach canal of the Kerch Commercial Sea Port.
  2. Dredging of the approach canal of the Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy Commercial Sea port.
  3. Dredging of the DWF “Danube-Black Sea”.
  4. Dredging of the water area of "SSD" Nika-Terra LLC ".
  5. Alluvium of the territory "Evrovneshtorg LLC ".

  With the participation in the new project the company works through and studies the technical assignment, develops work technology, conducts the selection of the required equipment allowing to perform the task qualitatively and in the shortest period of time.

  While rendering services the company is guided by the technical assignments conditions, environmental authorities permisions and current regulatory documents, in particular:

  • GD 31.74.07-83 "Manual on Navigational Safety of the Dredging Fleet";
  • GD 31.74.08-85 "Technical Instruction for the Production of Sea Dredging";
  • GD 31.74.09-86 "Norms for Sea Dredging";
  • Mandatory regulations for sea ports where dredging is carried out.

  The quality control of the performed dredging is carried out by the measuring lot in accordance with RD 31.7.002-2005 "Instruction on the Order and Procedure for the Measuring Works Performance on the depths determining at the sea and river water areas for construction and operation purposes" approved by order No. 186 of 10.05.2005 issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Ukraine.

The strategy of the PE "Inflot-Danubius Agency" is the quality of performed work, justified prices and stability.

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